Ok, my wife and I are not good about staying organized.  Several times she has driven me to work for a week or more because I could not find my keys.  I thought about buying a key hook thing but, as always, I had a better idea.  The concepts I wanted incorporated were a mirror, a shelf, key hooks and hooks for our dog leash and other various hangable things. 
Sizes are somewhat irrelevant; when I built it, I based the size on the mirror I found that would not need cutting.  I just eyed it to keep the proportions with in the realm of attractiveness.

The three "arms" are for the large hooks for leashes, coats and whatnot, small hooks will be placed on lower front lip of the shelf or can be omitted altogether.

The mirror I used was 10"X10", so that affected the size and I did not quite get the proportions I wanted but I think it worked out.  Also the hooks are irrelevant, just use what ever you like.

Oh, if anyone has a nifty name for this, let me know.



    Ok, first of all, I am not Norm Abram.  I like to build things but his section is more to show off the designs, not so much the final project.  Please, if you would like better plans or have questions on any of the projects, let me know.  Also if you have a problem or would like me to design something, let me know how I can help.


    March 2009



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