Swiss Steak

An old favorite that I think should be brought back.  With the ease of finding good meat in today's markets, no longer is this the tough, groan inducing dish from the past.  This recipe will serve four-ish or two and a lunch at our house, however it is easily scalable so adjust as needed.  Great with mashed Potatoes or egg noodles. Throw it together when you get home, have a drink, put on something comfy and let the smell excite.

1     lb    Round Steak, or fajita meat also works well, anything that can either be sliced or pounded thinly.
2-3 T     Oil
1/2  c     AP flour
1     T     Corn Starch
              Salt and Pepper to taste
14.5oz   Can of Ro-Tel  If heat is a problem, then a can of diced tomatoes will work just as well
8     oz   Can of sliced mushrooms.

What ever cut, or cuts, of meat you use make sure it is roughly 1/2 inch or less by either pounding or slicing.  Dredge in Flour/CornStarch mixture and season with salt and pepper.
Get a Saute Pan with a lid and heat Oil almost to smoking point.  Saute meat until nicely brown, 3-4 min on each side.
If there is excess oil spoon out.  Add mushrooms and tomato product; stir and scrape the bottom of the pan.  Reduce heat and simmer to 45 min.

If you want fresh mushrooms, add after the flip of the meat.  Also hamburger steaks work well too, just omit the dredge and oil.  Adding a little flour with the Ro-tel.