Part 1:
 1     c     Milk
.25   c     Water or Coffee
 2     t      Sugar
 1            Package Yeast(Whichever type you have)
 5    oz.   All-Purpose Flour

Part 2:
.25   c     Melted Butter
 1            Egg Yolk (beaten)
.5     T     Salt
1T+1t      Sugar
13.5 oz.  AP Flour

  Begin by mixing the first four ingredients from part 1.  Then stir in the flour.
  Once mixed you will have something resembling a batter rather than a dough.
  Let it sit anywhere from 30 min. to 12 hours.  The process will go faster with a heating pad placed under the work bowl.  If the dough will sit any longer that half an hour the cover it with a damp towel so it won't dry out.
  After fermenting, add the rest of the ingredients except half a cup, or so, of the flour.  When mixed, begin kneading.  Use extra flour to flour board and hands and work the rest into the dough.  After all the flour is incorporated, knead until the texture of the bread changes.  It should feel velvety.
  Place dough in a straight sided container and rise until doubled in size.
  When doubled, take out and fold over a couple times and rise again.
  After the second rise, form into what ever shape you want.  Place on baking surface and proof for 30 min.
Every bread I bake, I do the same way.  Preheat to between 350 and 400 degrees depending on how brown you want the crust.
  After proofing, paint dough with either Olive Oil and Salt, Butter or Corn Starch and water slurry.  Slash.
Bake for ten minutes or so and remove and insert an over safe thermometer and bake to a 200 degree internal temp is reached.  If rolls are made, 10 to 15 minutes at 375 should be all they need.